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Oolala Collection


Oolala Collection

I’m not one that eagerly wants to show you the less glamorous side of my life. I would rather pretend everything is fabulous then go home and cry on my bed for whatever reason it may be. Having said that it’s time I open up a tad. I have been struggling with my skin. I was on The Pill for over 8 years and just figured I was blessed with good skin. The concept that the Pill helps with your skin was, as I personally believed, a lie to get young girls hooked as young as possible so the companies can make more money. Well, I was so wrong. I went off the pill in the beginning of last year and my skin has been struggling ever since. I have been to numerous skin doctors, dermatologists, tried different skin brands and makeup brands- nothing seemed to make a difference. I refuse to go back onto the pill with all the hormones until absolutely necessary!  I don’t suffer from acne, but more ‘breakouts’. Though the odd pimple here and there has now become the odd three or four pimples here and there. Being Vain AF I was NOT happy!


I guess the universe gives you what you need most in your life. While I was struggling on this journey I was approached by a South African Skincare Company- Oolala Collection. Not being a beauty blogger in any shape or form I was a little hesitant to agree to test and then ‘review’ their product. Though, due to the struggle I was enduring I decided to take it on and it’s been the best decision ever!




This journey only started a couple of weeks ago with their Oolala SkinESSENTIALS starter kit. I don’t want to ‘bore’ you with all the details but its important to know the products I used. I started with the Deep Facial Cleanser with toner. It gently cleanses away excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells- leaving my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed and not too dry- which I feel most cleansers do to my skin. I then use the SkinESSENTIALS Day Moisturiser With SPF15 for face and neck skincare. It, not only, leaves my complexion radiant with or without makeup it also minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Obviously when I go to bed I am using The SkinESSENTIALS Active Night Moisturiser. It has been designed to nourish and repair the skin while you sleep. Not too greasy or oily, it feels completely natural and nourishing. I have become addicted to their moisturisers as they feel clean, fresh and NOT greasy at all! Thick, gentle and nourishing.


I then moved onto the more ‘time consuming’ aspects of skincare. SkinESSENTIALS Gentle Apricot Kernel Scrub is an ideal exfoliator for face and body. It is made of finely ground apricot kernels making the exfoliating action super gentle, yet still effective. So far I have applied this scrub twice and it has made my skin feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My skin did not get red or sore, on the contrary- fresh, soft and smooth. I then applied their Mud mask. It may not be the prettiest colour but thats how you know its natural and not riddled with chemicals and crap! If I had to break my skin down I would say I lean more towards the ‘dry’ than the ‘oily’ and thus this mask is particularly perfect for me. I would leave it on for 15 minutes and gently rinse- I don’t think my skin has ever been happier!





I’m not here to plug a brand especially when it comes to the sensitive topic of a persons skin. For me it was rather terrifying to take this leap of faith and trust a local, affordable, unisex skincare line. I am glad I did. The Oolala collection has made me aware of how deceitful all these global brands are and how riddled with chemicals all their products are too! Very similar to Big Bad Wolf’s morals, Oolala is about transparency, consistency and NO BS!  100% Vegan, 100% Cruelty Free, 100% Paraben Free, 100% recyclable and made in SA, this brand has bowled me over and you will be too! Visit their website here, do some research and support LOCAL!






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