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South African Online Fashion


South African Online Fashion

I’m actually pretty old school when it comes to certain things. Reading? I want a book. Tinder? I want to meet someone at a bar. Fashion? I want to actually go to the store and buy my clothes. I am a dying breed and so for the last week or so I have been exploring the e-commerce space, specifically the SA online shopping space. I have compiled a list (as I always do) of SA’s top online fashion stores. Take a read.



 Revolt Clothing


This Jozi-based e-tailer is run by the fierce and fabulous Luyanda Madonia. Thanks to Madonia’s countless travels and knowledge I truly believe this is one of the top E-commerce websites I have come across. From her eloquent and quirky story behind each piece, to the perfect ‘front, back and side’ image for each garment. This is one website that works seamlessly. You can see this site is created by someone that has the fine eye for detail. Be sure to click into each garment and let Luyanda’s beautiful words transport you to another realm.



Possibly the ‘Grandfather’ of SA online fashion, Zando was the first online store I ever ordered from. Don’t go in expecting glamorous lookbooks or images. It is a grounded ( for lack of a better term) kind of website yet you can find many local and international brands. However, their lack of fashion forward content causes me to forget about their website time and time again. Their blog platform is lovely and well written just lacks that X-factor when it comes to imagery. Though, they do always seem to have some fabulous sales happening!  Take a look and judge for yourself.




Parooz Fashions


Colourful, sassy and stylish- Parooz Fashion is everything you want in an online store. Easy layout, beautiful models and fun styling. It catches your attention in a matter of moments and keeps you on their page for hours at a time. They offer everything from the trendiest sunnies and watches to quirky and cute interior design pieces. For all us Jozi-babies Parooz does have a store in the vibrant Parkhurst neighbourhood- 19, 4th Avenue. Be sure to visit their website today!






Possibly the Queen of online fashion in South Africa, I would say Superbalist revolutionised e-commerce in SA and has become a household name. My absolute go to website when it comes to fun and unique gifts that won’t break the bank and super-stylish party needs. This is not just an e-commerce site, this is a lifestyle platform. They have a fabulous team which create some of the best content week in and week out. Take a look




Selfi 1

Thanks to the brilliance of SAFW, I was introduced to Selfi a couple of years ago and I have been in love ever since. This Cape Town based ready-to-wear brand specialises in creating sustainable, bespoke, ethical apparel and accessories. Their website is exactly like their garments- clean, stylish, simple and comfortable. Selfi offers a deep insight into SA fashion, some truly beautiful shoots and inspiration for days. If based in CPT be sure to visit their store in the heart of Cape Town (Shop 3, 199 Loop street Cape Town , South Africa).






MRP certainly does not need any introduction. Offering some of the most popular trends with the best price tag, it’s no wonder MRP is such a large part of any South Africans’ discourse. Not too fashion forward, but not too stale, MRP has been able to hit the perfect equilibrium. Be sure to miss the throngs of people and queues at your nearest store, rather stay in bed and order from there!




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