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Simon & Mary: BE COOL


Simon & Mary: BE COOL

Possibly one of my favourite brands out there, Simon & Mary  has just released their latest collection. Updating some of their classics and old favorites, this range promises to perfectly punctuate your look this season. BE COOL takes an anti-war spin on their silhouettes as well as using the old green army toys with a twist. Working with renowned Chinese illustrator, Abei, their latest lookbook and illustrations carry a much deeper meaning and social message.




There is something very special about trendy brands that not only offer the world some dope products but important commentary. Living in this rather uncertain socio-economic landscape, in a ‘post’ cold-war atmosphere and a world where slavery, war and famine is an every day reality, we need people and brands to do the right thing; inform, educate and create change for people.  As creator and owner of Simon & Mary, Dean Pozniak says “The brief was easy ,use the hats as objects in a war against war”. We all have a responsibility to change the world, Simon & Mary are doing it in their small way.




Simon & Mary are excited to launch their range this week Thursday at The fabulous Moral Kiosk in Melville. Hope to see you all their in your very best headwear! 





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