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Avon Free #CreateTheLifeYouLove

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Avon Free #CreateTheLifeYouLove


As most of you know, I am not a beauty blogger nor am I solely a fashion blogger. I blog about whatever interests, fascinates and educates me and my audience. So when Avon approached me with their latest his and hers Avon Free fragrances I jumped at the opportunity. Not only have I been given the chance to learn about such a successful, diverse and worldly brand but to experience and experiment with my favourite beauty product; perfume. I am a complete and utter perfume fanatic. I pride myself on my perfume knowledge so this has been the perfect collaboration.


It is very important for me to connect with a brand on a deeper level. Without really realizing it, Avon has been part of my life for many years. I will always remember my mom plying on the Avon sunscreen during all our summer holidays. The clean, rich, summery smell always reminds me of the happiest times of my life. Avon was the first moisturiser I ever used and fabulously enough Avon has also supplied me with my first ever anti-aging moisturiser which I am currently using. Avon was a part of my life way back then and its still a big part of my life now. Working with a brand which has been there through it all is comforting. This was the first brand to teach me about self-love and care, and now they are helping me create the Iife I love.




Before I get to the actual fragrance it is important to understand why, as humans, we have and need perfume in our lives. Yes, it is a luxury, yet a luxury that goes far deeper than a lovely scent. Perfume does not only help fight body odour and enhance our personality, research has proven that perfumes can boost your mood and lift your spirits too. Some perfumes can even help cure headaches! The therapeutic and relaxing benefits of perfumes are endless. Living our crazy 21st century lifestyle there is nothing we all need more of than relaxation and perfume offers that in abundance.


If there is ever a fragrance brand to trust, it is Avon. 125 years of creating lipsticks, blushes, mascaras, lotions and fragrances have all led to their latest creation – Avon Free. You can smell the history in its every note. The bold femininity of Avon Free is the perfect mixture of fragrances. From the zesty mandarin spritz to the electric magnolia and my personal favourite, sweet vanilla orchid. The fragrance is sublime. Strong enough for those naughty nights out yet quaint enough to wear on a daily basis. Free gives me the confidence to wear what I like, and be who I want to be without being apologetic. It allows me to push the boundaries and to be authentically me, craziness and all.




Scientific research has determined that all mammals (especially females) base a large part of their decision in choosing a mate on scent. So let that stick with you every time you are about to leave the house without a spritz of a fragrance. Free by Avon can ultimately help you find your soulmate – or at the very least, make you happy, relaxed and smelling delicious. This sounds like a pretty good deal! Be sure to #createthelifeyoulove with Avon Free by contacting an Avon Representative closest to you.


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