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Winter in South Africa


Winter in South Africa

Call me idealistic or an utter romantic but there is no greater season than winter- Especially in South Africa. Without freezing our little tooshies off, yet still being able to layer all that fabulous winter fashion, South Africa really has the best of all worlds. If Clear blue skies and warm busy days are your type of winter head on over to Jozi. Or perhaps cuddling up to your favourite book ( or man) during the hopeful rainy days head on down to Cape Town.  Maybe, just maybe you are one of those who can’t deal with winter at all? We’ve got you covered, Durban is summer all year round.

So South Africa is actually really special ( But we all know that). Something for everyone, somewhere for every mood and specific fashion do’s and fashion dont’s for every city. I have decided to focus on the three most extreme scenarios when it comes to fashion in South Africa, winter in Jozi, winter in Cape Town and winter ( well lack there of) in Durban. A quick note that stands true to all the different cities, the bigger the better. Everything over-sized!



So as previously stated, Jozi has those winter days that most northern settlers only dream of. Clear blue skies, no wind, no rain and no water. So it’s pretty fucking dry yet an easy city to live in during those winter months. One key tip to dressing for winter in Jozi is LAYERING. One moment you’ll be shivering off your weave and the next you’ll be sweating out a baby. So come prepared. What is the best about Jozi winter is that you can wear faux-fur or some sexy suede without it getting wet. So basically it’s not going to be hard to keep warm in Jozi it will be hard to keep warm and cool at the same time though. Oversized waistcoats are a great way to be comfortable and stylish. Remember to accessorise with your most fabulous sunnies for all them sunny days. Take a look below for some inspiration.


Cape Town 

Cape Town might as well be on a different planet when it comes to winter. Horizontal rain, cloudy skies and constant precipitation. Personally my favourite kind of winter, yet it is a little more difficult to dress for. Just like Jozi, Cape Town can be freezing one second and boiling the next, with a bit of rain thrown in. Boots and raincoats will be your best friends. Chelsea boots are everywhere and everything in Cape Town as are Dr. Martens. So simply pair yours with a white Tee, black skinnies and a colourfully printed raincoat. Leather and bomber jackets are also always a safe choice when it comes to the rain just NO suede or faux fur. Have fun with your jackets. The more colourful the better, the more unique the better the more YOU the better! Flared jeans are also all the rage so spice things up and get a little playful. Play around with big, chunky earrings to bring a little extra sass your outfit. Take a look below at the fashion inspiration.



Durban, the glimmer of Summer hope. Constant humidity, constant sun and constant beachwear. Naturally the winter months are a tad chillier than usual, but certainly nothing to buy a Uniqlo for. Nights are cooler than the days so it may be time to slip out of your flip flops and find a pair of sneakers, boots or flatforms. They are as easy to wear as your beloved Haviannas. Have some fun with your ‘winter’ look. Pair your sexiest mini skirt, with your chunkiest boots, a T-shirt and kimono or light trench coat  and you are ready to hit Florida road. Or even simpler, pair your favourite beach dress with your favourite ankle/thigh high boot. Have some fun with all the different colour stockings and socks. Take a look at some inspiration.


Keep Warm lovers ! 

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