BigBad | WTF: Where’s the food?
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WTF: Where’s the food?


WTF: Where’s the food?

With the invention of UberEats, Mr Delivery, OrderIn and a personal favourite Netflix and Chill, there is literally no need to ever leave your house. We have become a generation of lazy, sex,food and film fanatics and I was throughly enjoying it until I decided to leave my cave and see how my Jozi-love was doing. All those nights I spent binge-watching The Office and stuffing my face with some new dish I was missing out on some of the most exciting new Jozi hotspots out there. No longer will I let the temptation hold me back- Unless its for medicinal reasons AKA a hangover. Here are just 4 fabulous new restaurants that have or will be opening their doors this week!



 Saigon Suzy


Launching this week- Saigon Suzy is everything Jozi has been missing and more. One part restaurant, one part Karaoke bar and both parts stylish and Fun. Saigon Suzy will become your new favourite oriental damsel. The restaurant is divided into three different sections. The Market (main food hall and bar), The Cherry Blossom Garden (for outdoor fun and cocktails in the sun), and the No Tell Motel (secret karaoke pods and dress-up boxes). This is sure to become an absolute Jozi favourite. It’s about time we get a karaoke bar! Beware… my singing talents are on par with my writing talents ( does not say much for either 😉 )  Hope to see you all there!

144 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood



 The Royale


From Asian to Cuban, Jozi has all your tastes covered. Taking over from a personal favourite coffee spot ( Warm & Glad) The newly opened Royale is fun, flirty and the perfect venue for a Summers night out. Enjoy their exotic menu, delicious cocktails and true Cuban Ambience. This is a place that you will keep going back to. Personally, what sets this fabulous restaurant apart from the rest is its interior design- a Jozi version of a summers day spent in Cuba. Stylish, colourful and perfectly retro. Be sure to book now!

357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall



 Il Contadino


The new face of my favourite corner in Jozi- Il Contadino has a lot to live up to looking at her owners successful past. James Diack, owner and chef patron of Coobs, The National and The Federal, has now successfully launched Il Contadino ( The Farmer) on the cutest street in Parktown North. Their main focus will be on homely ‘peasant food’ in the European sense of the term with a wood-fired oven and rotisserie to boot. Doing as little as possible to great ingredients, this will become your new favourite, neighbourhood restaurant.

4th Avenue, Parktown North



 Osteria Vincenzo


Okay, so this may not be the newest restaurant on the menu but it is certainly the most unique. This is the millennial kind of supper club. You can become a member, but you never have to host (winning!). This restaurant du Jour is the brainchild of Jozi’s most fabulous couple- Lee-Ann Orton and Uno De Waal ( Of Between 10&5 brilliance). Become part of the Jozi’s who’s who and you will get the inside scoop of when to expect another fabulous night at Osterio Vincenzo. To become part of this super cool diner club be sure to email now!







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