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Personal Stylist


Personal Stylist

It has been a fascinating journey since I’ve joined the fashion world. It still amazes me how many different avenues there are to explore and grow… And growing we are. From fashion photographers and trend analysts to fashion stylists and writers there is so much happening in this rather minute industry. Having said all of this, the personal styling path of fashion is still in its early stages in South Africa. Being surrounded by fashion and fashionista’s constantly it is easy to forget that most people either don’t understand the power of fashion or simply don’t care. I want to change that. Fashion is so much more than just adding a pop of colour or an extra ring before you leave the house. Fashion is there to talk when you are unable to. It is an extension of your personality.  It has the power to make you shine. It’s about fitting in and sticking out in all the right ways.




I have seen how fashion can affect a person and their career. The good, the bad and the ugly side of it. In todays social-media driven world branding is everything. It is about putting your best foot forward in every way so you can solidify your role in todays society. Thus we at Big Bad Wolf want to style you so you can be the best YOU there is! We are not here to make a carbon copy of each and every person we style. We want to work with your likes, dislikes, body shape and budget. Big Bad Wolf wants you to wake up everyday looking forward to getting dressed and just slaying those streets in your own way. We want to try inform you on the correct silhouettes for your body shape, the trends to steer clear of and the trends to embrace. We will be there to clean out your cupboard, create some form of method in the madness and streamline every part of your morning routine. Wether it is advice on your everyday wear or for those special occasions we have your back. We will leave you with the tools, the know-how and the inspiration so you can kill the game and enjoy the experience too. Fashion does not have to be so serious. We want you to have fun! Lets work together and conquer! 


We want to make you shine, is all. 

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