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Night of The Fallen


Night of The Fallen

Yessssssssss! My favourite holiday is fast approaching. A night filled with goblins and ghouls. A night to indulge in all the darkest parts of the human psyche and more importantly a night to dress like a complete skanky-doodle with no judgement just pure acceptance. As you can tell my excitement is palpable ! Since last years Halloween I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the it event to attend and I have finally found it! Let me introduce you all to the Night of the Fallen.


Lets educate ourselves and break it down quickly. Halloween is a time for celebration and superstition. Dating all the way back to the ancient Celtic period where people would dance around bond fires in dress up to ward off roaming ghosts, Halloween is rich in tradition and belief. In todays modern world we may not be warding off ghosts and spirits but we have a lot more frightening things to ward off. Quarter-life crises, debilitating social anxiety or just the humdrum of our daily lives. Halloween is here to make us realise life could be way worse- we could be trapped in a society that believes the night of Halloween is where the living and the dead become blurred ( white people have some fucked up ideas).




Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Night of The Fallen is brought to you by Nicci Campell and Isabella Desai ( AKA the Queens of the underworld)  in collaboration with Al Lado.  Al Lado is the new Jozi hotspot, and a personal favourite,  found in the lively Maboneng Precinct. Grungy and glamorous, Al Lado is the perfect venue to explore our wild sides. This night is bound to be the sexiest, darkest and most alluring event of the season.


Now, most importantly, ones costume. Night of the fallen is all about exploring our fallen heroes. From David Bowie and Prince to beloved childhood favourites like Mufasa and Bambie’s mom. We are getting dark this Halloween. Come dressed to impress and stand a chance to win something out of this world. Besides for the evenings attire here are some details: Tickets will cost R250 ( pre-sale) and R300 at the door ( which will be very limited. So book now!). To make the night even better expect some of the best beats. From 90’s classics to funky house they’re going commercial and I love it! There will be some fancy shmancy tables available for popping those bottles and making everyone else jealous. For these please contact /




You best start planning your outfits! Cannot wait to see you all there! 

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