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Your new Best Friend !


Your new Best Friend !

OH EM GEEE, I can’t even! This is the most sucinct way to introduce you to your new best friend. The ever-fabulous, slightly painful @Tali_Babes. The new brain child created by the brilliant Julia Anastasopoulos and her husband Ari Kruger. You will not recognise Tali-Babes as the former, more lovable South-African favourite Suzelle DIY. Get ready to fall in love with this Sandton Kugel as she takes us on this journey. Planning her hectic wedding after having just moved to the Mother city. Shame… tough life. Goodbye Suzelle Hello Tali-Babes!


Monday vibes 👄Loving life in my @paigesmithcpt top x #tali #fashion #monday #capetown

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Having been brought up in the very community in which Julia is making fun of I found myself sitting on my bed crying from laughter. She has hit the nail on the head. I love my community, but Holy Fuck can they be painful! Especially when planning their wedding. ‘Bridezilla‘ is what pops to mind. Being 25 and Jewish my Facebook feed is absolutely covered in engagement announcements and wedding videos ( Photo’s are so yesteryear). So finding a personality such as Tali-Babes who rips the community a new one, in the most kind, yet realistic way is just too perfect not to talk about. So perfectly executed, I feel as if Tali-Babes is an actual person not just some caricature of a JAP ( Jewish, African Princess) which we have seen played out too many times.


Without generalising ( but fuck it) Tali-babes reminds me of at least 80% of the girls I went to high school with. Always exhausted, always anxious and always suffering from some hormonal deficiency which their Doctor ( who is the best in South Africa BTW) has diagnosed them with. As many of my friends will tell you… I am that girl too! I will not sit on my throne and judge, I am the epitome of what Tali-Babes makes fun of ( minus the painful accent). No wonder I feel like I have found a soulmate in Miss Anastasopoulos.


Golden-blonde, made-up to perfection on just your average Tuesday, Tali-Babes takes us on her exhausting journey of planning her wedding or just the ‘craziness’ ( AKA lack of Craziness) in her every day life. Filling us in on how to wear nude tones, or just having a little breakdown in her car. You first want to hate her, but will end up loving her ! Even though she is the epitome of white privilege. South Africans… It is okay to laugh sometimes!


As a fellow South African actress, more in theory than in practice, I am beyond proud to see such exceptional talent coming from our very own. What is even better, it’s not the hardest concept either. A well thought out, perfectly executed, tongue-in-cheek look at a rather large subculture in South Africa. No need for huge sponsors or businesses to back this project ( They never do in the arts anyways) Julia and Ari were privy enough to do it alone. With the help of family and friends they have executed this new TV persona. Even more exciting, it was announced last month that Tali’s Wedding Diary will be an 8-part mockumentary and the first original series to stream on the South African internet TV service, Showmax. With 22 million combined views on her Suzelle DIY channel, it was a no brainer for Showmax to attach themselves to such a project.


Whether you are jewish or not you will certainly  identify, hate, love, laugh and want to punch Tali-Babes in the face. I cannot wait to get stuck into Tali’s Wedding Diary. No Jews were harmed in the making of this show, so lets just enjoy it for what it is, good, clean, politically incorrect fun! In the Words of Tali-Babes

I love you guys sooooooo much !


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