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Rockets: Members Only

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Rockets: Members Only

It’s about time Jozi has caught up with the brilliance that is Cape Town. Whenever I find myself in the Mother city there is always a new co-working space. Providing creatives, freelancers and influentials a comfortable, stimulating and luxury space to do what they do best- create. It may have taken a moment or two to come to Jozi but we are finally getting our fair share of these creative hubs. So just to inform them lucky bastards who have a comfy office to head to every morning. A co-working space is basically a shared working environment where you mingle, mix and network with like-minded, creative freelancers who have the discipline to get out of bed every morning and head to an ‘office’.


This is what Rockets makes me feel like

This is what Rockets makes me feel like


It is extremely important for our creativity to get out of the house and meet with likeminded people. There is something about being around others that forces you to be more productive. So having indulged into my definition of a co-working space let me introduce you to the latest and greatest to hit Jozi. The Rockets Members club.


Rockets grand


Membership‘. A term which implies exclusivity with a pinch of pretence, is really just a new-age, fancy way of describing a community that cultivates creativity. Most people connect ‘membership’ with a stringent golf-club or lack-lustre bank. Rockets is here to completely alter that view. A three story, impeccably designed restaurant/ bar/ champagne and cigar lounge found in the heart of Bryanston, Rockets has now officially entered the co-working game too. Rather unexpected though brilliantly executed, Rockets is providing you the opportunity to become a member.



Gotta love some Da L.E.S

As a member you get the best of the best treatment. Access to the rooftop bar 7 days a week ( I can see this has already become the new hangout spot to see and be seen). Preferential bookings, invitations to some of Jozi’s most exclusive events, loyalty rewards loaded straight to your membership card, complimentary cappachino’s, the first to test the tasting menu, tranquil garden space and possibly one of the most important aspects, meeting rooms. It’s important to feel important!


Rockets Membership Pack


For me, I want to work in a space that is trendy yet unpretentious. A space which is stylish, yet comfortable. A space where I can meet like-minded, aspirational people and end up with a network of hard-working, energetic talents. This is exactly what Rockets is offering you. An opportunity to grow your brand as their brand only gets bigger and better. Having worked and partied at the grand opening with the team behind Rockets I can happily and unbiasedly confirm that this is a team you want to join.


For more details on how to become a Rockets member email





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