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The Keepers


The Keepers

By now I am sure most of you have come to realise my obsession with documentaries about the darkest aspect of the human psyche. So imagine my excitement when Netflix released a new documentary series about molestation, Pedophilia and corruption all in the world of the Catholic Church. Spotlight ( Academy Award winning film) really opened the discussion of this epidemic for the world. Most times fact is more unbelievable than fiction and this subject matter is exactly that-unbelievable. An institution centred around love, community, hope and security breaking those cardinal rules in the darkest ways. So without further notice let me introduce you to The Keepers.


In short, this documentary series follows two amateur sleuths on their journey to uncover the death of a beloved high school teacher/nun, Sister Cathy in 1969. The death was shrouded in mystery for decades until a ‘Jane Doe’ came forward with a shocking revelation- she knows who killed the sister and why. This series should not be called a murder-mysery as it delves so much deeper than the murder of Sister Cathy. Institutional corruption, Repressed memory, the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of Jane Doe’s story and the bravery of these women who should inspire us all, are just a few themes that The Keepers explore.




I am certainly not one for victim blaming but I’m also not one to just jump on the band wagon. Innocent until proven guilty. Though this is a prime example of victim blaming. Even though everything correlates these brave women have had to face much hatred. It is a real ‘David and Goliath’ kind of story. Having recently stopped believing in religion ( created by the white, middle class, heterosexual, westernised man to divide and conquer) The Keepers has once again shown me the issues of believing in religion as the be all and end all. The systematic abuse of the Catholic church and lack of repercussions shows how deeply ingrained society has become in protecting complete and utter scum of the earth because they are supposedly closer to ‘G-d’. Before 2001 and the groundbreaking Boston Globe’s investigation of pedophilia the Catholic Church did what they wanted- Good PR is everything especially when you have G-d on your side.


I take my hat off to these inspiring women whose belief in the church stopped them from coming forward for decades. Living in one of the rape capitals of the world and witnessing the wave of feminism ripping at the seams in this country I implore all of you to give this series a watch. No longer are we going to stand idly by- just as Sister Cathy refused to do. Take a look at the trailer below.






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