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I have always had a slightly obsessive love for sunglasses. Well, that’s always been my excuse for buying second-hand junk from Kitcheners every single Saturday or paying my right-arms worth in the latest Alexander McQueens. I don’t discriminate. I cannot get enough. When I first met Dean Schoeman ( the founder and face behind Lundun Eyewear)  I knew straight away that this is a brand I want to get behind. Not only did I know the brand from years ago, I even owned my very own pair.


So here I am, Lundun brand ambassador in all my fame and glory. I’m not only going to plug a brilliant South African brand but also (re)introduce you to a unique way of looking at your accessories. I know that sounds a tad melodramatic as they are just sunglasses… But it’s true. As the cliche goes ‘eyes are the windows to the soul‘ so what if you always have your ‘curtains drawn’. What message are you sending the world when no one can actually see your ‘soul’? Obscuring one’s eyes from others is widely considered the height of rudeness, so much so that in 2008, the etiquette guide Debrett’s issued an injunction against ever wearing dark glasses inside. “It’s physically shutting off the windows to your soul,” says author Mark Mason, who further bemoaned the prevalence of sunglasses.



Sunglasses: Lundun ; Shirt: Scotch & Soda


Having read these boring, middle-aged white peoples take on what the ‘height’ of rudeness is I have realised one thing. The height of rudeness is actually not obscuring ones eyes from others but the complete lack of taste when obscuring said eyes. If I have to look at you let me look at the best YOU, you have to show me. Do YOU, but do the best version you have to offer. And that is where Lundun Eyewear comes in. A local brand focusing on creating a generation of leaders by offering their clientele the freshest, trendiest sunglasses of the highest quality.




I’m always ambivalent using the term ‘trendy’ when it comes to brands. Trends come and go thus spending money on anything deemed ‘trendy’ is a mistake and one that is made time and time again . Lundun Eyewear is trendy yet timeless. Always on the heartbeat of what is new and happening, Lundun has been able to juxtapose the latest sunglass fads with timeless frames and styles. A quick look at their latest range and you can see. The sunglass trend that has bulldozed all sunglass trends in 2017 is the mirror finish. A reflective coating on the lenses. Lundun’s mirrored sunglasses are offered with unique styles and many different colours to choose from.




Lundun’s latest range has made this trend approachable for all genders, ages and subcultures. A quick look at a person in sunglasses can tell you a lot about them. Fashion is truly an extension of ones identity. A way of telling people who you are, what you like, where you come from without even opening your mouth. Sunglasses, being a fashion accessory, just adds to your identity. Besides for being trendy AF they offer styles and frames in an array of different shapes and colours-crossing subcultural divides. I can see Lundun Eyewear fitting in and sticking out in all the right ways. From the classics like Wayfarers and Aviators to the retro, oversized-round eyewear, Lundun is successfully mixing a little 60’s and 80’s with modern materials and future-like patterns.



Just remember, sunglasses can grow a strong reaction from mere bystanders. So if you want people to take notice slip on a pair of the latest Lundun collection, adopt an otherworldly, rock star-like countenance and await reaction. 




The new LSP (Lundun Superior Protection) can be found at all Xtrend stores and Gen. XYZ

Find Lundun’s social media pages here & here or just visit their website.
All Images Courtesy of Chad Nathan @gingerwithagopro

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