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Josh Kempen


Josh Kempen

Due to my ‘flourishing’ acting career ( joking, but not really) my articles seem to have taken a back seat. I realised that if I wanted all you lovely readers to forgive me I would have to deliver something rather special. A special someone who is not only talented, sexy and humble but oozes that one thing any great musician envelops… the utter fearlessness of wearing his soul on his sleeve. Having been blessed to have watched a recent performance by said musician, I couldn’t help but get weak in the knees. It’s not just the looks, its all about his soulful, impassioned performance. His true authenticity to his art and intense desire to get the audience moving. Let me (re)introduce you to the lovely Josh Kempen.




“Impassioned, gravelly, and brimming with urgency, the voice of SAMRO songwriter of the year nomineeJosh Kempen, can instantly disarm its listener” says the Editor of Apple Music. His singular voice, compelling songwriting, and a penchant for unforgettable performances, highlights Josh Kempen‘s considerable potential for the coming years. A recent Warner Music signee, his debut album, The Morning Show, is described by Apple Music’s editor as “an album rich with narrative lyricism and sincere, hard won perspective”. The Morning Show charted at number 3 on the iTunes album chart and he has been picked as Apple Music’s Artist Of The Month this month. Both previous singles, The River and Pistol have been on high rotation nation wide with the latter peaking at number 2 on Jacaranda FM’s international chart. His new single Leave Me If You Can has already been picked up by the countries biggest radio stations and looks to do even more.




As previously stated I got the opportunity to watch Josh perform live and I couldn’t help but dance the night away ( and for those who know me know I DO NOT DANCE). He hits all the right notes. A little rock, a little roll, a little indie and the perfect voice to connect them all. A rasp that should have been the love child of Tom Waits and Stevie Nicks. Josh is one of those rare musicians that, through his music, can breakthrough the barriers of these so called genre specifics and thus makes his sound approachable for everyone. Soulful, folksy, blues and romantic, I personally cannot ask for a more perfect collaboration. Besides for the catchy beats his lyrics can make every girl and guy swoon. Each song sounds like a love letter written to you and only you…What more can you possibly want !

I know one day, and that day is coming very soon, I will be able to say ‘I knew that guy’ as he performs to millions of his adoring fans all over the world.

Don’t you forget about us Josh! 


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All Images Courtesy of Dan McCauley


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