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Rockets, Bryanston

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Rockets, Bryanston

Its not often ( hardly ever, actually) you come across a restaurant which caters for everyone. Family friendly, Career Professionals, those looking for a quick meal or a leisurely relaxed dinner and drinks. Rockets has always been that go to restaurant. Whether it was a quick ‘pop-in’ meal or a drunkard night out with friends- Rockets has always delivered. So when I found out some really exciting news, I could not wait to share it with you all. Rockets is opening a first-of-its-kind, flagship restaurant/working space/ rooftop bar/ and champagne lounge in Jozi!


Just a teaser of what to expect

Just a teaser of what to expect


Now let’s all take a deep breath from that very exciting news and allow me to break it down for you. The latest addition to the Rockets Family: Rockets Bryanston is opening soon and is set to change the face of dining in the North of Jozi-Town. It’s not a secret what a huge success the Rockets branches have been, including their gorgeous and delicious Rockets Express. Yet this new store is incorporating all the brilliance of the other Rockets and taking it to the next level.

You may be rolling your eyes at yet another restaurant opening but I promise you now, this is not just your average Restaurant. Each floor of this magical four story building offers their clientele a unique and stylish experience. Lets start off with the Private Dining Room. The space is for a small intimate event or special occasions. Celebrations of all kinds are expected to take place in this perfectly designed, one-of-a-kind area.


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Next we have the glorious Rooftop Garden. With spectacular views of both Jozi’s CBD’s and more, this is definitely going to become my go to spot for some much needed sundowners and alone time. We then have the Lolita’s bar and Lounge for all you fancy-pants people who want to down a whiskey or two while smoking on some of the best Cigars on offer. But wait…Who can forget, the pièce de résistance. The main dining room. Where the art of a meal is transformed into a lifestyle.


Absolute Pizza Passion

Absolute Pizza Passion


For most restaurants that would be enough and then some, yet for the Rockets team they want to introduce so much more. Other Key draw cards are the chic ladies champagne bar and gentleman’s cognac lounge. No longer do we need to sit around and let the boys be boys, Sipping on their cognac. We can just pop on over, pop a bottle of bubbly and let the Girls be Girls. You will certainly be finding Big Bad Wolf and my posse there constantly. What is even more fabulous is that these spaces can be booked out for private events.


The crown Jewel of this uniquely complex restaurant is the Rockets ‘member’ system. For a monthly or annual fee the Rockets members will have access to benefits that include a prime co-work space that can be booked out for private events and conferences, unadulterated entrance onto the fabulous rooftop garden and some serene moments in their gorgeously curated garden. As a freelancer I am constantly looking for a new Coffice. Not only will this be my go to Coffice, but as a member I get some preferential treatment…I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce for a day or perhaps a year?!



Every aspect of this Rockets is there to create a truly stylish and inspiring space for their guests. From the art of their food, to the perfection of their interior design and decor. This is going to become an immediate favourite, I just know it!




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