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The VIP Room


The VIP Room

Okay, So I am going to start this article like the way I start many articles… With the truth. I have never, ever been to the VIP Room in Sandton. Having lived in Johannesburg for 25 years and counting it was just one of those places that intimidated me so insidiously. The sexy girls, the loud music the drunkard fools. In my mind it was the epitome of a club ( a location you will never find me in). HOW WRONG I WAS! 


fem af

Theme for the evening: Feminist As Fuck


Long story short the fabulous team at VIP ( particularly the special Sasha Cohen) invited little o’l Big Bad Wolf to host one of their most sort after nights Fashion’s Big Night Out AKA Girls Night Out. They obviously came to the right person. It was all about women embracing their inner wild child, their inner fashionista, their inner womanhood and being able to unashamedly party throughout the night without fear of getting groped, harassed or even fucking looked at.


revotl 1

Our Favourite Brand: Revolt Clothing


At first I had mix feelings. I had never been to this club. The stereotypes of the people who go to VIP  ‘scare me’ and the truth is, I’m not a party animal by no means. But then we got to talking and they made me realise what a great opportunity it is for both our brands. Bringing fresh new faces, talent, sub-cultures and the likes into one rather unlikely space.


vibe 2


So, basically they have Big Bad Wolf as the ‘face’ of the party and we sell it from there. Wow, what a turn out. Wether it was for Big Bad Wolf or just another Thursday night at VIP it turned into one big, fat party. People from the fashion world, media, styling and the VIP locals were all rubbing shoulders and having a fabulous time together. So one thing I truly hope this article can achieve is to deter the bullshit concepts people have around VIP . It is NOT filled to the brim with boets, Jocks, scantily clad women and drugs. Quite the opposite. A melting pot of culture and people I got to see and party with made this one of the most special nights of my life ( For Reals).



Me attempting a speech


Besides for getting uber drunk on some of the worlds finest drinks and being treated like compete royalty, we got to witness a personal favourite brand of mine’s runway show. At 10pm Revolt Clothing, created by the lovely Luyanda Madonia did a fashion show for the press. People went wild. Better yet, at 1am, when people were ON Revolt Clothing did a second show for the general public and it was perfect. Both teams behind Revolt Clothing and VIP really pulled out all the stops to make it all work seamlessly.



Fashion, Fashion Everywhere


Once the fashion show was over the real, dirty fun began. Dancing on table tops, dancing with the professional-sexy-women dancers ( I struggle to find a more appropriate phrase as they are dancers and they are sexy AF) Making out with a yummy man in the corner and just having a time. All my preconceived notions of VIP went flying out the window. Packed to the brim with people from all walks of life, VIP has truly created a strong dynamic within the South African community. It does not matter who you are, where you are from or what you do you are welcomed at VIP with open arms and hopefully a shot or two.


The beginning...

The beginning…


Just a little tip of advice before I end this article. Do not arrive before 10.30pm unless you want to be the only person sitting at the bar looking like a creep. Instead get their around 11.00pm or 11.30pm as the party is only beginning. VIP stays open until all hours of the morning. Something which makes them stand out from the rest. It was 3.00am and the dance floor was still pumping, the Dj was still killing his set and there I was, pretty darn drunk ( I’m not here to lie to you) watching the beauty that is the South African Nightlife unfold in front of me. VIP is one very special club with even more special people running it and working there.


The Queens behind the event. None of it would be possible with Luyanda by myself

The Queens behind the event. None of this would be possible without Luyanda by my side.


So do yourself a favour, get rid of your distorted perception of VIP and plan a big night out with your friends. I promise you, you will not regret it! For more information visit their website here and their Facebook page here

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