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Everybody Loves Everybody


Everybody Loves Everybody

There is nothing quite as grand as a day party on a rooftop looking over the city while the sun sets. But sometimes it can get even Grander. ELE brought their A game and not only served the best in alcohol, food and music but all for a beautiful cause- Education. Partying in the name of charity or as they affectionally call it ‘Partying with a Purpose’.


ELE ( Everybody Loves Everybody) is a Public Benefit Organisation. To put it simply, the team of 8 selfless, generous individuals at ELE are passionate about organising events in the name of the greater good of our community. When you attend their events you can feel this sense of community in the air. It’s nothing like I have ever experienced before. For me, most day parties are just a bunch of twats drinking until they can’t see straight and then still hitting the next jol afterwards… This party couldn’t be further from that. A special day with special, like-minded people who were all there to have a good time in the name of a good cause.


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As Nelson Mandela so aptly said ( as he always does) ” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“. Our future and the future of our country is in the hands of the young, under-priviledged South Africans who cannot afford a lunchtime meal let alone schooling fees. Our Government is failing at every turn so it is up to us, and us alone to do something about it. Thankfully we have the beautiful souls at ELE who not only want to change the world, but have fun while doing so.

I had a time and a half at the ELE Brunch and it was all for the most pertinent cause. They have recently brought on three new children into their Education Initiative. For ELE education is the biggest driving force in uplifting a community and they place a large emphasis on the importance of getting children in schools. It’s much easier said than done, yet the team at ELE are doing it! They are giving three special souls a future and are in search for a more consistent stream of income to fund these kids so not to even run the risk of not being able to support them if their events ever slow down.


Special humans behind ELE

Special humans behind ELE

From gaining some form of international funding, to corporate funding, and even getting close family and friends to donate just R50 a month, ELE will do anything to make sure their kids get the best of the best. All the money that is raised goes straight into uniform shopping, text books and outings which form a very important part of children attending school and their own morale.


So, in the name of charity and in the faith of the future of this country be sure to never miss out on any ELE evenst. ELE Presents Brunch is the first of their ( hopefully) tri-annual event that will bring a steady stream of income in support of funding these three girls. On behalf of the community, we at Big Bad Wolf want to thank the team at ELE for actively changing peoples lives. Cannot wait for the next event.


Follow ELE or contact or visit their website to make sure you do not miss out on their next party and hopefully donate ! 



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