BigBad | The Do’s and Dont’s SAFW Edition
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The Do’s and Dont’s SAFW Edition

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The Do’s and Dont’s SAFW Edition

SAFW has come and gone. The fashion being rather mediocre, Big Bad Wolf has decided to write a little list on the etiquette that should be present at all times during our local fashion weeks. Take a look.

Don’t be a Bitch-ass CuntĀ 


img_0149It may sound simple, but apparently its not. My fashion week started with a lovely bloggers brunch. I was having a time. Meeting, greeting and mostly eating. In walks someone within the fashion industry, She greets every person at the table… but me. I have no idea how or why my presence offended her so. She spent so much more energy ignoring me than she needed. My favourite saying sums this up completely ” The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference“. Call me confident or arrogant or both, I obviously have something that threatened her, so be it. Big Bad Wolf is here to do exactly that, threaten the mundane.



Do wear Local

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I wish I followed this ‘do’ more closely. My last night I attended fashion week I was dressed in a show-stopping piece by one of my all time favourite designers- Siviwe James of Pilgrim Clothing. Conceptual, artistic, unique and one-of-a-kind. My tunic/shirt made me feel like a complete Goddess. I then realized there is beauty in wearing local. The previous nights I wore fast-fashion pieces from The Zara’s, Topshops and H&M’s of the world and I felt like a complete con. Being in the fashion game we need to push the envelope, and sadly, pushing the envelope simply means giving a local designer a chance to dress you for Fashion Week.



Don’t sit on the edge of your seat




I mean this LITERALLY. Figuratively, do sit on the edge of your seat waiting in baited breath for your favourite model or designer to stroll down the runway, but to all photographers, bloggers, attendees and selfie-queens it is so uncomfortable sitting next to someone who is trying to take the best picture of a moving model that, in my general conclusion of fashion week, looked more than mediocre. It makes it unpleasant and its annoying especially since SAFW provides you all with incredible images as soon as the show is over.


Do be authentic


I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some truly interesting, passionate and ( most importantly) authentic people. They are the epitome of effortless style and whats more than just their fashion they are kind and lovely and give you the same time of day that you give them ( No matter what magazine, or fashion house you work at). This is a mini shout out to all those I spent time with this past fashion week. You were the only reason I went back each night ( G-d knows it was not for the fashion). When you are authentic, divinity oozes out of each pour. Lets stop trying so hard to impress the un-impressable and rather go out to be who we are fully.




Don’t be rude


This goes out to all the street style photographers at SAFW. There is a certain tactful way to go about taking certain street style images. Firstly when approaching a potential subject, do not charge towards them as if they are your prey, rather approach them subtly. Do not approach two women while asking only one for a street style look. Its rude and demeaning to the other woman. Make sure your subject is either alone or in a large group so her friend does not feel like an unstylish twat. Its just about being tactful– a concept many street style photographers don’t get.



Do get inspired

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Whether its from the runway or the street style- fashion week is here to inspire your everyday wardrobe choices. Each night I got inspired by either a model, a designer or perhaps a fellow blogger to up my game the next night. This is what I love about fashion week. It makes me re-invent my wardrobe without buying anything new, but by simply being inspired. Fashion is a celebration, so celebrate with taking a new look at your wardrobe.



Don’t set a dress code


I have not a single clue as to what the SAFW creators were thinking when they told attendees that the dress code this season is ‘no colour’. Sorry….what?! You are trying to tell the fashion industry what to wear to one of the most important weeks in their calendar year. I DONT THINK SO. Thankfully most attendees dismissed the theme as a mere suggestion and strutted their colourful asses all over fashion week. Pfffft, next time SAFW, next time.



Do Applaud


This may be a hard pill to swallow for most, but even if you did not like a designers line does not mean you should not appreciate the amount of effort and work that went into creating it. These designers work their butts off to just impress you and the least you could do is applaud all that hard work. It also just makes you look like a misery once again emphasizing the crippling stereotypes of the ‘fashion Industry’



Word Of Advice

SAFW please rethink some of the models you use. It’s bad enough we are being subjected to mediocre fashion ( most of the time) but to have to watch it on a model that, I believe, has never walked a runway before makes it too hard to bare. There are some absolute stunners especially the male models, but it just seems like your designers are grasping at straws trying to find a model to walk their show. I hate to compare, but take a hint from your local ‘enemy’- AFI, you may be able to learn a trick or two about how a runway model should walk.


Some Pieces Big Bad Wolf LovedĀ 


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