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Driving to my local coffice, I am over-whelmed by the messages of love, inspiration and solidarity for our local Kwaito star Mandoza all over the radio. I am sure by now most of you have heard the awful news- Mandoza has lost his battle with the evils that invade our bodies. In memoriam of the late and great Big Bad Wolf wants this Man Crush Monday to be solely focused on all the great that Mandoza brought to the music industry in our country.



Mandoza, born in 1978 in the Zola section of Soweto was an unlikely celebrity. Having stolen a car at the tender age of 16, Mandoza was sentence to a year and a half jail time which he spent in the infamous Diepkloof prison. This is where the greatness of Mandoza lies, he was able to not just turn his lifestyle around once he left prison, but was able to make a success of his passion. A free man, Mandoza formed the group Chiskop along with childhood friends soon being discovered by the ‘King of Kwaito’- Aurthur Mafokate.



His Kwaito music is so much more than entertainment it is an inspirational message to encourage the youth of South Africa to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. This is a man who lived the life of millions of South Africans. Coming from a disadvantaged background, struggling with drug addiction and his short stint in the crime world, Mandoza could have easily strayed into the seedy underground and got lost, instead he did the complete opposite- he thrived.


This man is not merely just the singer of Nkalakatha ( a particular favourite amongst the middle aged white community) You cannot attend any wedding, bar/batmitzvah without people jamming to it on the dance floor. Mandoza is the epitome of what true inspiration is. I, for one, am shocked to learn about his early life and a true sense of sadness has spread over my day as the realisation that a man, focused on empowering his community is no longer around.


Big Bad Wolf wishes his family, friends and fans our condolences during this time. Carry on spreading his word of hope. Lets remember this great man through his music that will live on through every single one of us- no matter the colour of our skin. 


For old time sake:

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