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Top 5 Jozi Coffice’s


Top 5 Jozi Coffice’s

As a blogger I am basically a gypsy hopping around this crazy city looking for the best ‘Coffice’ to sink my roots in. So for the past 5 months I have created a pretty solid list of the best Coffice’s in Jozi. For those of you who are blessed with a lovely office, let me explain. A Coffice is basically a coffee shop where more work takes place than coffee drinking. For this very reason many places are skittish to become one. There are certain places where you only have 40 minutes free wifi before they kick you out or force you to order yet another coffee ( Constant Jitters thanks to the Service Station in Melville). There are even some places that refuse you to work there such as Salvation Cafe. No hate, I get it. But luckily for us there are 5 different Coffice’s that want you to work there no matter how little you actually order ( You HAVE to order though, this ain’t no free ride).


Milk Bar ( Rosebank & Kramerville)

Image-1 (16)I am sitting at the newly opened Milk Bar in Rosebank writing this article. It was actually this lovely setting that gave me the idea. Scrumptious foods ( especially their salads) with the best in old-school Rock n’ Roll playing in the background. Both Milk bar’s offer a comfortable and inspirational setting. They have become my go to Coffice in Jozi

Krammerville: 6 Desmond Street

Rosebank: Keyes Avenue


Father Coffee ( Rosebank & Braamfontein)

Image-1 (17)

Be one of the cool kids and work at this local Coffice. With their newly opened store in Rosebank you have two to choose from. Expect trendy interiors with even more trendy clientele. Anticipate a complete mix of coffice-goers from University students to businessmen and everything in between, you will definitely find your tribe here.

Braamfontein: 73 Juta Street

Rosebank: The Zone, 177 Oxford Rd


Motherland ( Rosebank & Dunkeld)

Image-1 (19)

My first ever experience at a real coffice- Motherland has more people working their during the week than I would imagine most offices. Its a great atmosphere to inspire one to work as its quiet with only the faint sounds of keyboards clicking in the background. The staff are always friendly and willing to help. I heart this place !

Dunkeld: Dunkeld West shopping centre, Bompas Rd & Jan Smuts Ave

Rosebank: G22, Phase 2, The Zone, Oxford Rd



The Whippet ( Linden)

Image-1 (18)

The best in home-made cakes and baked goods I do way more eating than working when ever I am at the Whippet. Stylish, calm and central for many people, the Whippet is run by an animal-loving couple who are adamant in changing the coffee shop industry by incorporating local bakers and coffee roasters into one space. The best of all worlds wrapped up into one stylish coffice.

Location: 34, 7th Street, Linden


Origins Coffee Roasting ( Maboneng)

Image-1 (20)

I don’t often find myself in Maboneng during the week but when I do this is my go to place. Offering a mix of coffee blends and a communal sitting area, its the perfect coffice to meet new people, drink delicious coffee (their winter blend is world-class) and get inspired by the hustle and bustle that is Maboneng.

Maboneng: 40 Berea Road 

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