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Fresh Start


Fresh Start

Here are some facts for you. 100 000 young girls working in underground sex dens across South Africa are sex slaves. 28 000 000 people are trafficked globally each year and 80% are women and children. Less than 1% have been rescued. What happens to these survivors? There are little to no safe houses in and around Johannesburg making a positive impact on trafficked survivors. More often than not these survivors find no other solution than to either return to the streets or, even worse, commit suicide. This is where the newly founded and highly necessary charity Fresh Start comes into play.

fresh 1Fresh Start aims to offer additional safe beds and assistance as well as life and employment skills training and development to ensure a stable, good and healthy alternative future. Most the times, the system that were able to extract these young women from their dire situations do not have the means or the education to help them afterwards.

Fresh Start is there to take these girls in, assist them physically, psychologically and educationally ensuring them a better life. It takes much inspiration from the famous saying ” give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. These girls just need the kindness, patience and support to give themselves a bright future and that is exactly what Fresh Start is offering.

Fresh Start’s mission is not only to facilitate restoration but to instil hope, hope for a future that attains independence through life and vocational skills training, enabling dreams and creating practical plans around these dreams.


Fresh Start needs your help, please follow this link and donate. Be it monetary, volunteering, gifts or even writing a letter of hope to one of the survivors. These girls deserve a second chance at life and lets make it beautiful!


For more information please watch the clip below. Share it far and wide.


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