BigBad | AFI Fashion Week: Night 1
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AFI Fashion Week: Night 1

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AFI Fashion Week: Night 1



Night one of AFI Fashion week has already come and gone and truth be told I’m feeling severely underwhelmed. Underwhelmed, not at the fashion… The fashion was actually rather inspirational and exciting, but underwhelmed at the lack of organization, the politics and the over-all feel of the evening. So basically my fashion week started off with Big Bad Wolf being denied media accreditation as we, supposedly, do not align with the AFI brand. What is the AFI brand exactly? WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS. Here’s the thing, Big Bad Wolf is part of a handful of people who attend fashion week to honestly and excitedly create some form of discussion around fashion week. Be it good or bad, we are not there to merely dress up and bitch about the fashion we are there to inform people on what is happening within South African’s fashion industry. The beauty of being a blogger is, I am able to be honest with my audience. Whether we loved the show or hated it I am here to be honest with you. So we are still confused as ever as to why we were denied tickets.

Politics aside the fashion was actually really interesting. Night one seemed to be focused on the new and upcoming designers. The first show was ‘The Intern’ by David Tlale. Nine different capsule collections designed by young and vibrant designers under the mentorship of Tlale. My hat goes off to Mr. Tlale for giving some much needed mentorship within the industry. Out of nine designers, I truly believe each one has something new and fresh to offer the fashion industry. Take a look at my favourites

Mmuso Potsane

Image-1 (8)

Maxwell Boko 

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Ntando Ngwenya

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Cindy Mfabe

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The next winner of the evening has to go to the fabulous designs that came from Wake ( Pieter Burger). Wake always manages to bring that extra bit of class and taste to the runway and this year was no different. His signature print was paired up with pastel colours and interesting designs allowing for designer pieces to easily translate as ready-to-wear. Time and time again Wake is able to impress with his impeccable taste level. We only see big things in his future.

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Buda Malete 

Possible the main show of the night ( which started an hour and a half later than it was supposed to) was the AFI Fast Track. Filled with all the drama you would expect to see at a South African fashion show. The three young designers all brought something different to the table, but for me, the winner has to be Buda Malete. He offered up more than just what is trending at the moment and his colour choices were both bold and superb. I am holding thumbs he wins the award this Saturday. We will keep you posted.

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