BigBad | MCM: Chris Jaftha
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MCM: Chris Jaftha


MCM: Chris Jaftha

We all have that one person in our lives who seem to possess a certain Je ne sais Quoi. Whether it is their killer fashion sense, their natural beauty or perhaps a body to die for, these people have a special quality about them…a kind of X factor. South Africa certainly has a few of their own, but someone who is at the top of this list is Chris Jaftha. Top Billing presenter, Model and socialite extraordinaire, Jaftha has every girl swooning. Big Bad Wolf was lucky enough to catch up with him and do a quick interview with this weeks Man Crush Monday… Enjoy ( ladies, I am sure you will).


What would Big Bad Wolf readers be surprised to know about you?

That I was close to becoming a pro soccer player and that I studied fine art





What is your most embarrassing on air moment? 

Me trying to explain a self explanatory quote.It was a part of a challenge we faced during the presenter search. They threw so many distractions our way and I let it distract me so I ended up explaining my quote


Favourite South African Moment?

One of the most recent was playing soccer with elephants,feeding them with my mouth,getting kissed by them…a nasty affair but beautiful haha…I’ve also recently skydived-one more tick off the bucket list



Favourite South African fashion designer and why?

I have a few that have dressed me…Paledi-palse, Shaldon Kopman from naked ape and Craig port. I enjoy all their designs 


Any Advice for my readers, especially those wanting to get into the media industry.

Check your motives…why do you wanna get into the media industry. 


What is on your bed side table at this moment? 



Describe your perfect Saturday night. 

A few of my closest, friends and family and good food with a view 



Who would play you in the movie of your life? 

Will smith


What do you prefer, Savoury or Sweet? 



Favourite film of all time? 

It would be way too unfair to name just one :Devil in a blue dress, instinct(not basic haha) face off, John Q, Casablanca,batman begins,inception, avatar and interstellar. the last three mentioned are the last three that that left me a changed man when I left the cinema 


Catch Chris on Top Billing ( SABC 3)



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