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The Voices


The Voices

Its just been one of those weeks. Can hardly get out of bed in the morning and when I do all I want to do is get straight back in. My Saturday nights have been awfully similar. Roll out of bed at about 7pm, sort out the most important event of the day- what to eat- get back into bed and fall asleep while watching some B-grade horror. Well last week this so called ‘B-Grade’ horror turned out to be one of my favourite films! The Voices ( with a name like that its no wonder I thought it was gonna suck) stars the ever-changing Ryan Reynolds as the lead creepster- and Lord he is good!.


So basically, the local/likeable weirdo ( Reynolds) pursues his office crush with the help of his talking pets. One deliciously adorable Bull mastiff and another rather cruel and cunning feline. This is not a fantasy film of any sorts but rather a deep, and creative look into the mind of the criminally insane. Slowly but surely the film goes from happy-go-lucky to every girls worst nightmare.



From the moment the film starts the styling and art direction is completely on point. Your screen will be washed in pinks and blues before the murderous turn and suddenly everything becomes sour. Visually this film hit the nail on the head. Just as the script is an integral part of telling any story so to do the colours in this film. Without a spoken word the viewer knows what world they are in- to either fear it or enjoy it. Now lets discuss the script. It is quite a feat to create such a likeable character who in essence is on a murderous rampage, but that is exactly what happens. Jerry ( Reynolds) is a character you want to take under your wings. A murderous, troubled yet adorable young man who against all odds will have you rooting for him. To my knowledge I cannot think of any script that creates such a vast identification between the audience and its antagonistic protagonist.




Directed by the highly acclaimed Marjane Satrapi ( The oscar nominated Iranian French film director of Persopolis) there was no doubt this film was going to be something special. Besides for the cinematic brilliance, Satrapi was able to provide the audience with a new, creative and whole look into the workings of the criminally insane. As someone who is fascinated by the darker side of the human psyche I was immensely impressed with her eloquent and rather comedic portrayal of such a growing issue in todays society.


Thus if it is the cinematic side of things you are interested in, this is a must see. Or perhaps script writing is your forte, look no further than this gem or maybe you simply are in the mood for a horror come comedy this should be at the top of your movie list.


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