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The Red Wings Project


The Red Wings Project

I am going to be completely honest… I live a very privileged life. From the moment I was born I have wanted for nothing. What ever I needed, I got, wherever I wanted to go, I went, whatever I wanted to do, I did. Living in South Africa, this kind of lifestyle is layered with guilt both externally and internally. But to be completely honest I never realised just how privileged I was until my first year studying at the University of Wits ( Proudest Witsie you can find). It was during one fine day when a gush of warmth ran its way down my leg. I had forgotten to take the pill and my body was becoming my worst enemy. Aunt Flo was in town, The communists were coming, basically I was surfing the crimson wave without any lifeboat in sight. A dear friend saw my struggle, grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom. Inside she explained how to wrap toilet paper into the shape of a pad and Ta-dah crisis diverted. We got to talking and she explained that where she comes from so many girls cannot afford sanitary wear so they take old pieces of clothing ( they would not dare to waste toilet paper) and wrap it up and use that. Washing it after every use.




Now girls, lets just imagine this for a second. Not only are your hormones wreaking such havoc on your body you don’t know whether to strangle someone or crawl up into a ball and breakdown, but now you are being forced to use unsterilised cloths to keep yourself ‘clean’. That, plus the societal stigma of having your period ( especially in high school) stops you from leaving your home for the next 5 days resulting in each girl missing up to ±50 days of school each year.


Lets not get me started on the fact that womens sanitary wear is taxed ( Fuck this patriarchal society we live in, Sanitary wear is NOT A LUXURY). Lets rather find a solution to help our fellow sisters and give them the dignity they so deserve during a shitty bunch of days EVERY MONTH! I was introduced to the Red Wings Project sometime last week and my heart both sang and sunk that a charity like this (has to) exist.




Basically all you got to do is 1. Select four friends 2. Each person contributes around about R150  each month ( 7 Pounds; 10 Dollars) 3. Buy as many sanitary pads it affords 4. drop off at either


Cape Town

SALT Projects, CNR Blauwberg Road and Wood Drive


9 Monza Close, Kyalami Business park, Jozi.


It really is a charity to get behind and it is our responsibility as women to help our sisters! Visit the site here 

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