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Hospital Visits


Hospital Visits

It may not be a charity, and it may not allow you to simply donate money- but rather something much more precious- your time. I’m talking about hospital visits. Simply sitting next to someones bed hearing about their day, their life, their everything, or perhaps popping in, saying hi and giving a little ‘goodie bag’ just to put a smile on someones face.


450ecf1e8f9539655eb61f18ad79a6dfHaving sadly spent the last week in hospital after my boyfriend broke his back in an accident, I came to realise the importance of having visitors. For the first three days of his stay, Tristan ( thats my man =)) spent it in the trauma ICU. Besides for being completely in shock and rather quite hysterical after having seen Tristan in his state- I realised that not only is he getting the best medical care possible, but there was a literal line of visitors waiting to come in and see him. Family, friends, work colleagues and his employees have been amazing and are at his every beck and call. This got me to thinking… what about all the other patients, strapped to all sorts of tubes entering all sorts of holes to simply keep them alive. Where are their love ones?



While waiting to be allowed into the ICU I was standing and talking to a fellow loved-one of a patient. Her husband had been in the ICU for 5 days, and it is the first time he will see any familiar face as his loved ones have had to travel from North Africa. Just imagining the fear of his incident made worse by no friendly faces being around made me shiver to my core. Hospitals truly are the coldest, most clinical place- having a hand to squeeze makes all the difference.


So I am giving each and everyone of you a challenge. Go to your local hospital, old-age-home, animal shelter. Give of your time. Wether it is giving a lonely granny some company or giving an ill child a little toy- their day and, I promise, your day will be so much brighter for it.


My first mission is going to lend a helping hand at my local SPCA ( I can’t face going to a hospital at the moment). I would love to hear what you end up doing! 

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