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What to Watch: Room


What to Watch: Room

I am one for Crime stories, Drama’s, Thrillers, Horrors……so basically anything with a dark story-line and you will find me first in line for a ticket. It’s no wonder I was so excited to watch Room. Of course the Oscar hype surrounding the lead actress, Brie Larson, also caught my attention. Based on the bestselling novel by Emma Donoghue and seamlessly made for screen by her too, Room follows the story of Ma and Jack, a kidnapped pair who orchestrate a daring escape.



Firstly lets just discuss the performance aspect of the two lead characters- Ma ( Brie Larson) and Jack ( Jacob Tremblay). It was rather apparent at the Oscars that Brie and Jacob have an extremely close, rare bond and once you watch the film you will understand why. Larson’s depiction of a trapped mother is flawless. I  have always admired actress’s who are not mothers themselves taking on a motherly role. I came out of the film genuinely believing her pain and struggles. It is not often I feel this way, but Larson certainly deserved the oscar and I cannot wait to see what role we are going to find her in next.


Okay, so the second  biggest injustice of the Oscars ( behind the Oscars-So-white scandal) was the fact that Jacob Tremblay was not even nominated! Tremblay performed a role with such power and authenticity, one which I don’t believe any seasoned acting-veteran would be able to perform. Perhaps the brilliance ( and the courage) behind this film lies in the fact that Tremblay was so young, so fresh and so undaunted by a truly daunting task.




Room is so much more than a horrendous crime, it is about the psychological aftereffects these people experience once they are free. Possibly the most emotional moment in a film I have ever witnessed ( or perhaps not, as I was crying so intensely I don’t think I could see anything) was the Moment Ma was reunited with her parents. I don’t know about you all, but I have always wondered about those cases in which a Kidnapped girl is finally found alive, what it must be like to return to ‘normality’, Room gives a small insight into their world. The director and screenwriter do not hide away from telling a fully orchestrated story. Too often I am confronted by films which take the easy way out by finishing with an open-ending. Of course there is a whole life after this film for Ma and Jack, yet having left the theatre I felt comforted by what the future holds for them.


This is a brilliant film without any glitz and glam, rather focused purely on true acting and story-telling. Do not miss out! 



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