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All the Better to Eat You with:


All the Better to Eat You with:

Veggies and Vegans turn away this post ain’t for you… One thing Jozi ( South Africa for that matter) is not short of is delectable steak restaurants. From Turn n’ Tender to Wombles, whether its packed to the brim with people or a little more romantic, there truly is a steak restaurant for everyone. Who can blame a girl for wanting to be different- and be different I wanted to be. So I went on the lookout for something a little more unique, a little more authentic and a lot more personable. Let me introduce you all to your new favourite steak restaurant- Che Argentine Grill.


Found in the middle of the hipster hustle and bustle that is Maboneng, The Che Argentine Grill is a restaurant with an edge. More like an old, empty warehouse than a restaurant the owners have converted a large cold space into a warm, authentic hub of food and drink. I was surprised at the impeccable quality of the food as it seems ‘cool’ takes preference over ‘taste’ when it comes to this specific suburb.




Now lets get into the meat of things ( pun completely intended) the menu. You HAVE to order a portion or 10 ( depending on your weight watching routine) of Empanadas. It is basically an Argentinian homemade pastry stuffed with a selection of fillings. having already been to the restaurant many a time I have now realised that my favourite Empanadas are the Carne, Humita Saltena and Pollo. Try as many as you can!


The Empanadas are a great way to start your meal followed by their locally sourced, authentically Argentinian-made meat dishes served with their home-made Chimi churri sauce which you can also buy ( I suggest you do). You seriously cannot go wrong with any of the dishes- so be daring and try something different.


If you do happen to be a carnivore and your dear one is a Veggie-vore, no need to worry your pretty little mind as there is something for everyone. Their Provelta starter is simply to die for ( which is ironic as nothing did). Try their Humita Saltena Empanada and for mains you veggie-vores can go all out and order a whole lot of their side dishes. From their roasted sweet potatoes coated in honey to their Ensalada De Rucula you and your meat-eating dear will leave happily fulfilled.


I suggest you book a table as this gem of a restaurant is finally getting their due recognition. 

Che Argentine Grill

011 6140264
+27 824690290



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