BigBad | What to Watch: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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What to Watch: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


What to Watch: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I am constantly faced with people saying there is nothing new to watch, and I couldn’t agree more! DSTV has become a joke…Thank G-d for Netflix and for a little show called Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Without it, I do not know how I would get to sleep at night. It may not be new but it is already on their 11th season and it is a show that just keeps getting better and better.


Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the life and times of four friends who jointly own a run-down bar called Paddy’s Pub in a rather shitty area of town. Mac, Charlie, Dennis and Dee are perhaps the most narcissistic, politically incorrect and down right revolting humans you will ever witness on a television show… and thats what makes it so great! The writing is not afraid to offend, while the acting is so on point that I still think each episode is unscripted.




What makes me love this programme even more is how it started off as a passion project for the three lead male actors. From creating, producing, writing, directing and staring in each episode- one has to take their hat off to such commitment and genius. Interestingly enough, the opening credits are said to be the cheapest credits in recorded television history. The first episode (which is rather brilliant and gives you a taste of who these characters are) was shot on an 85 dollar budget, with most of the cash going to tapes for the camera and now this show has become one of the highest rated and most popular show on the FX channel.




After 11 seasons the cast and crew have really ironed out any kinks and the script is as vulgar as ever. I loved season one, but the show really perks up with the arrival of Danny Devito’s character- Frank in season two. Its Devito like you have never seen him before, drug addicted, pill-popping and completely vile- Frank will become your spirit animal in every way.




Go see for yourself.

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