BigBad | Charitable Tuesdays: Second Chances
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Charitable Tuesdays: Second Chances

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Charitable Tuesdays: Second Chances

What a beautiful world it would be to be granted a second chance. Whether it was that huge interview you messed up or perhaps that time you crossed paths with the ONE, only to let them go. As we know, hindsight is 20/20 vision and scarily we have to live our lives one step at a time hoping we don’t make a muck of too much. Though, it is rather comforting to know that there are people out there willing to give everyone a second chance.


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I was recently in touch with someone I have gained a lot of inspiration from, someone who after having suffered a rather traumatic set back did not become a victim or a take but rather decided to pay her second chance forward and give back to our heart filled yet heartsore community. Pam Green is the brain behind Second chances which is a NPO focused on social change via social media.

It all started nearly a year ago when Pam put up a a picture of a young man who was begging at the robot holding his Matric certificate and CV. Within 24 hours the post had been shared close on 40 000 times with help even being offered all around the world. Pam soon realised the need for some form of change and that was when Second Chances was born.


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Second Chances has helped people attain employment, assisted with retail monies, food donations, substance abuse rehabilitation, work-suitable clothing, toiletries, transport monies and much, much more.

As with any NPO they are struggling with funding and are looking for your help. No donation is too small and it is all going to a worthy cause- creating sustainable change and alleviating poverty.

For more information oh how to help hit Pam up on

Or go visit their website here

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