BigBad | All The Better to Eat You With: Valentines Edition
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All The Better to Eat You With: Valentines Edition

V-day 1

All The Better to Eat You With: Valentines Edition

I Love Valentines Day ( stop rolling your eyes). I Don’t care if it has become too ‘commercial’ ( you Hipster) or if it is a waste of money ( You cheapskate). I love the fact that there is that one day out of all the 365 days where we can be hopelessly romantic, Crazy-in-love and utterly obsessed with that one very special person. And what makes V-day that much better… it does not discriminate- black, white, Indian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist- everyone can celebrate it. And its not just for couples either- its about celebrating the ones you love, be it your parents, best-friend, siblings or kids. Celebrating in the name of love is a good enough reason for me.


Big Bad Wolf has decided to help you out and earn yourselves those extra brownie points from the ones you love. We have compiled a list of the top places to go this Valentines. Whether it is small and romantic or glitzy and glamorous Big Bad Wolf has you covered.


Food 3



  1. Gemelli 

Okay, I admit, I have a complete affinity to this restaurant. Not only because my talented boyfriend designed it but because it is so Garsh Darn Good! For all you singletons out there, this is the restaurant we suggest you take that special someone to. They will be impressed the moment they walk into the door.



2. The Leopard

Lovely and unassuming The Leopard is the perfect restaurant to take your folks to to thank them for putting up with all your shit over the years. Make sure to share their special Marzipan Brownies. Who ever you end up taking here, you are guaranteed some extra cuddles!



Food 2


3. Il Giardino

Living just above 44 Stanley I tend to forget about Il Giardino. A beautiful setting with the most flavourful  food- particularly their pizzas, Il Giardino is perfect not just for dinner but for lunch too. This is the perfect restaurant to celebrate your love with your whole family, including the kids.



4. That’s Amore

Possibly the smallest restaurant on this list. That’s Amore may be minuscule but their ideology is big on offering the most mouth-watering dishes. This restaurant is extremely intimate, thus we suggest taking your long time lover here instead of the girl you just met on tinder.


pasta 1


5. Mama Mexicana 

If you love Mexican and something a little off the beaten track why not take your loved one to Mama Mexicana in Maboneng. It may not be the most beautiful restaurant but it is cute, approachable and their food is straight-up to die for! Make a little evening out of it and go to The Living Room for some sundowners before. A little alcohol never hurt anyone on Valentines day.


6. Thomas Maxwell


a Personal favouite, Thomas Maxwells is the perfect mix of intimate and glamorous. It is not often one is unable to order off the menu as everything sounds so delicious ( which I promise you it is). If you are spoiling a loved one or the ONE, make sure to go hungry. You have to try their famous mussel pot-it is famous for a reason! Salivating just writing about it.


Food 1


7. La Campangola

La Campangola is the most perfect setting for a Valentines date. Whether you are sitting in the courtyard or on the balcony- you do not even feel like you are in Jozi. Enjoy a drink at their stylish bar before sitting down to eat and make sure you try their signature pasta dish- Bellissimo !


8. Tortellino D’oro

Completely unassuming but completely brilliant, Tortellino D’oro offers the very best authentic Italian in Jozi. You do not even have to go to the restaurant to experience it. Why not surprise that special someone by packing a picnic for them- all you have to do is head over to the Tortellino D’oro deli and before you know it you’ll have them eating out of your hands ( or whatever else you into).


vday 3


9. Trabella Pizzeria 

Trabella Pizzeria is famous in my family. It does not matter what we are celebrating- birthdays, engagements, births, anniversaries or simply just wanting to stuff our face with the most delicious Pizza in Jozi. Trabella is really perfect for all occasions. Don’t expect glitz and glamour but rather down-to-earth and comfortable. You may bump into a few family members of mine while you there.


10. Flames at the Westcliff

Probably the most expensive restaurant on the list and probably the hardest to get a reservation. Flames offers authentic braai food with the best view in Jozi. It may be pricy… but I promise you it is worth it! Go early, order some cocktails and enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting over our very own man-made forest.






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