BigBad | Mood Of The Week: Chartreuse
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Mood Of The Week: Chartreuse


Mood Of The Week: Chartreuse

I am not even going to pretend to be surprised when I find out most of you think Chartreuse is a band from the 80’s, I was one of you not too long ago. Thankfully my mother-dearest,  a brilliant interior decorator opened up my eyes to the world of colour and introduced me to my favourite colour at the moment.



So Basically Chartreuse is the colour half way between yellow and green. Sounds awful, right?  Well its not! its delicious and calming and apparently the most visible colour to the human eye. Chartreuse gets its name from the french liquor named Green Chartreuse, and it seems to be the hardest word to spell ( personally). As it is a colour similar to many salad greens, chartreuse has come to symbolise health and a healthy diet. It too is associated with healing. Can one colour get anymore beautiful?!?




Take a look at some of my favourite Chartreuse images from around the web.


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