BigBad | All the Better to Eat you With: The Leopard
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All the Better to Eat you With: The Leopard

The Leopard 3

All the Better to Eat you With: The Leopard

I don’t know (or care) about other cities and other people, but one thing I have learnt about living in Jozi is how awfully unadventurous most people are. The mundane humdrum of ‘ theres nowhere to eat’ is the story of my households life. I always try push the people I am closest to to discover new areas and new restaurants… Jozi is huge and is exploding with new,old,vibrant,cool,familiar,large,tiny,brilliant,stylish,sexy,delicious restaurants waiting to be discovered. One of the restaurants I implore people to go to is the very unassuming The Leopard in Melville.


L 2Focused on providing their clientele with the freshest food, the menu is constantly changing depending on what is in season and what is not. So basically, not matter how much of a regular you are, you are always surprised by something new and are promised food of the highest quality. Do not expect ‘fast-food’ sort of service, rather watch eat dish amble its way out of the kitchen while you sip on one of the many wines on offer.

What makes my love for The Leopard that much stronger is their vicious stand against cruelty to animals. They are realistic and are not forcing anyone to stop eating meat, chicken or fish but rather opening people eyes to the horrors we put these beautiful animals through to simply eat and poop out the next day. If you are interested where those delicious beef meatballs come from, or that deep fried quail you still dreaming of… Take a look here and here. A restaurant with a conscious…food after my own heart.


Sitting in The leopard, I feel as if I am sitting in a friends apartment watching her cook up a storm. Theres a feeling of familiarity and warmth which I feel is unfounded in many of the newer restaurants found around Jozi. From the waiters to the decor and the distinctively different dishes, The Leopard offers culinary excellence without trying too hard. Its natural, its fresh, its approachable.


Be sure to go with a group of people and order lots of different plates to share, that way you will really get the feel of their food. One of my personal favourites has to be their Saldanha Bay mussels in white wine, cream and chile. My mouth is salivating simply thinking about it… and do not miss out on their famous ( well, to me) homemade brownies. I have cried about lost loves, ranted about friendship spats and lusted over certain men all while eating these brownies- and no matter the solution at the end of the day those brownies make me feel all the better.


So why not explore a little more and book now! Leopard Food Company

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