BigBad | All The Better To Eat You With: Gemelli
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All The Better To Eat You With: Gemelli

Nothing is quite as exciting as the opening of a new restaurant in Jozi-especially when it looks and tastes like Gemelli.

Found in the leafy suburbs of Bryanston, Gemelli offers its customers an all-round experience. From their delectable Beetroot Tartlet starter, to the scrumptious Sea Bass Main, and every desert on the menu that look too beautiful to eat, Gemelli’s Italian fusion menu will get you salivating in anticipation for your next visit. Some nights you may even get so lucky as to get a dance with the legendary owner- Allesandro ( a common occurrence). Gemelli is a promised fun night out.

Gemelli 3

Coming to Gemelli is like coming home only with way better food and decor. It is impossible to discuss Gemelli without bringing up the sensational interior design. Tristan Du Plessis of Studio A Signature Projects was at the forefront of the design aspect. Flying a world famous graffiti artist from Los Angeles,Cyrcle,  to create a mural on the back wall-it is truly a show stopping piece and an ingenious and brave design move by Tristan. You cannot walk into the restaurant without hearing people comment on the over-all ambience.

Gemelli 2

So it is really simple…If good food, beautiful surroundings and friendly people is what you crave look no further than your new favourite restaurant. Gemelli- bound to become a foodie institution.

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