BigBad | Mood Of the Week: Pink
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Mood Of the Week: Pink

When I was younger, I came across a quote ” The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most”. Now, I’m not saying I am the purest ( sorry dad) or the most thoughtful, but lord I love colour. I can spend hours and hours searching the internet for that perfect Chartreuse, or the richest red- simply to look at. Thus each week I am going to provide beautiful images from around the web, focusing on one colour. This week- goes to the colour Pink.


As is obvious, Pink is the colour of Joy, love and romance… What isn’t as obvious is that because of the colours calming effect, it has been used on prison walls to eradicate erratic behaviour. It is also believed that Pastries packed into pink boxes taste better… I don’t know about this, so let me go give that a try. While I am out stuffing my face enjoy some of my favourite pink images.







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